Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Eli and the Sax

It's 10:30 Tuesday night at we just got back from Ariel's camp show, which started at 7!  She did a great job but the play itself was torture.  The people who ran it were very enthusiastic and proud of themselves that they put an original musical together in 7 weeks but Amy and I have no idea what it was about or why it had to be 3 hours long!  We have to go back tomorrow night for Ariel's dance show!  Ugh!

Anyway, let's finish off last weekend.  After the beach, we met my cousins at my parent's pool.  

Aden's favorite place in the world.
Bev vs. Aden and Noah.

Lots of basketball.  Aden wants to play this year.

They love the underwater shots.

The twins loved their cousin Jake.

Eli was jammin'.  This sax is really cute.  It actually plays.  
I sense a new band.  
Back to our house for a bit.
Noah and Jake liked the upper bunks, which have been barely touched all summer.
So nice the kids got to hang just a little bit longer.

We stayed over Sunday night and went straight to camp early Monday.  Melissa and Mark came over for dinner then it was bath time.
This is how I found Ariel in the morning.
I thought this was a cool shot.  It was around 7 am and the car was packed with our stuff and us, all except Noah who was very content on his phone.

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