Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Air Show

Tonight we had a block party.  It was very nice.  Susy and John hosted and did most of the work.  The kids all had fun.  It's cute to watch to the boys running around with the big kids.  The weather was better.  The sun was actually out and it was warmer.  They are saying now the remnants of Hurricane Harvey will be here Saturday.  This will be the second year in a row with a hurricane on Labor Day.  

Last Wednesday was the Atlantic City Air Show.  First some cuddles.
 We drove down to the Ventnor/Atlantic City border and met Amy's parents on the boardwalk.
 Where are the planes?

 There they are!  They had been practicing for weeks and planes have been flying over our house.  That was kind of exciting.  The actual show was pretty boring.  Like 1 plane over 15-20 minutes or so.  
 They were cool though.

The jets were loud.

 We took a walk down the boards.
We stopped by to visit our friend's new apartment.  They did an amazing job fixing it up.
 Back to help Ricky with work in the garage.  
 Time to relax.
 Charlie came for a visit.

 Luckily we have so many playgrounds we can go to.

 My handsome man.
 Cruising for chicks.
 Ariel is getting daring.
 A quiet night.  

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