Monday, August 28, 2017


It's Monday night.  We are back from the Shore.  We were there for over a week!  That was the longest we have ever been there at once. For the most part it was fun and even relaxing.  The kids did get crazy at times but thanks to Jordyn we made it through!  We had a few adventures starting with the eclipse!  The morning of the eclipse excitement was in the air!

I have no idea what was going on.
Ok, eclipse time.  So many people were scared and hid indoors. We were excited to see what was going on.  When it first started, the sun briefly lit up the moon and you could see it through the glasses but soon it was just dark.  
Before the middle of the eclipse, I drove with the big kids to Ocean City to meet up with Jason and his family.  
They played some football while I watched the sun.

I tried to take some pics but it didn't really work.
Impossible to tell from this pictures but this was at maximum eclipse.  It was supposed to be close to 80% coverage but it seemed way less than that.  It was dimmer out and the world almost seemed sepia toned.  It also got chilly.  

So Aden has been scared on the ocean his whole life.  The last time we were in Florida, his friend Jason was also there and they beached with us.  Jason got him to go in the ocean and he loved it.  He had not been back in since almost a year and a half later.  So could Jason do it again?
Not only did Jason get Aden in, but Aden loved it!  I hd a hard time getting him back out!

I have no idea what Ariel is doing here.
Ariel also followed us into the water.

Fun times and we survived the eclipse.
Back home for some ice cream pops.

Ocean City.  Jordyn came along to help.
Free fudge!
Ocean City nights.
Finally I got my wish.  Dinner at the best place on Earth!
I could eat this stuff day and night.

We ran into Jason!

We actually didn't last very long.  The twins were crazy, it was super crowded and Aden didn't feel well.
They got one ride in.

Time to head out.
Good night boys.  It will be weird when they are in beds next summer.

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