Monday, December 7, 2020

Ariel's Drive By Waffles

It's Monday night.  Do you think we can get two nights in a row of the kids going to sleep early?  I bought a new tv today.  It's coming at 6am on Wednesday.  It's been so many years since I got one.  I'm so excited.  But now I need to have Verizon come to upgrade everything so we can get 4K!  We watched Mulan last night.  We should have waited.  It would look amazing in 4K.  Anyway, back to last Sunday.  It was a chilly morning.  
And it was Ariel's 9th birthday!  She ran in early excited to find her presents that Amy had hidden.  

Any in the bathroom?
The boys quickly lost interest.  
Then it was time for some flips.  Ariel and Alex did this all morning.  
I gave it a try and immediately got so sick!

They ran outside to see the sign.  
Ariel's birthday breakfast was Nutella stuffed pancakes.  
Or they could just eat the Nutella.  
That hits the spot!

Here's the birthday girl.

You are making the birthday girl work?
That night we had a surprise for her.  We invited a few neighbors and a couple of friends to come over to eat waffles and ice cream outside.  It was chilly out but not too bad.  I had a heat lamp and made a fire in my little fire pit.  
Eli helped get the cake ready.  
Here are the cousins.  
The waffles and ice cream truck came.  Ariel got her own flavors.  

This was really fast.  People came, got their waffles and left.  

Eli was focused on the cake.  
Heather stopped by.  
The waffles waiting to get their ice cream.  
I finally got mine late in the night.  
Ariel opened some presents in the garage.  

It was nice of Julia and Dave to stop by.  Ariel was thrilled by the whole night.  We are glad it worked out.  


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