Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Eva is 7!

It's Tuesday night.  Today was pretty quiet.  Just a lot of twin entertaining.  These are from last Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.

Normally the kids would be home on Monday but since they missed being in school the week before because of the snow the days were switched so off they went.  

A quiet night around the house.  
Tuesday was Eva's 7th birthday.  We went over there for dinner and cake.  Of course Aden has to attack all the little ones.  

Honey was with us and Eli was behind the baby gates!  He's still scared of her.  
Cake time!
Happy Birthday Eva!

Wednesday night Alex came to play.  
Eli kept trying to get everyone in costumes but on one was into it.  
We watched Floor is Lava on Netflix.  That's my cousin Jason on the screen!  He was the only one on his team to make it.  
Eli only wants to play Floor is Lava now.  

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