Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The Turkey is Too Big!

It's Wednesday night.  It's time to take the trash out!  We generate so much here.  We are doing something wrong.  It's so cold in here I'm   wearing my blanket dress.  I will have to show you it one day.  A week ago today, we were getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Wow.  That went fast.  Speaking of last Wednesday...

The twins had their Thanksgiving feast at school.  I had to get pictures from Facebook.  

That afternoon, we got a scary message on our phones.  
Not sure what this is.  

Hanukkah bingo!

Then we did some experiments.  
We made snow!  And it was hot!
We put crystals with the colored water.  

This was Thursday morning.  Thanksgiving!  The crystals had grown and soaked up all the water.  Pretty cool.  

My big project for the day.  I spent weeks preparing to smoke a turkey.  I watched a ton of videos.  I got the right wood, the right injectable marinade, the right rub.  I defrosted it the right way.  So much planning and I still totally screwed up.  The turkey wouldn't fit in the smoker!  I could have cried.  My mom suggested cutting it in half.  I was worried that doing that would expose the breast and therefore it would be dry but I didn't have a choice.  
Watching the sad Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Pre-taped and no crowds!
Even split in half, the turkey barely fit.  

My parents stopped by to give Ariel her birthday present a little early.  

We visited outside a little.  

Ariel loves her new "A" necklace.
Aden was running around with the boys.  

The turkey was coming along.  Stay tuned to see how it came out!


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