Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Our First Real Snowstorm in Years

It's way too late Tuesday night so let's get this done.  These are from last Tuesday and Wednesday.  

We woke up Tuesday morning to a huge mess from the Elf and her friends.  They had been busy making cupcakes!

Ariel was definitely surprised.
Verizon came to upgrade my internet and tv service for my new tv.  My first new tv in over 10 years!
Super fast internet!
Noah is determined to learn chess.
Wednesday morning we woke to find the elf and her friends had been playing games all night.  

The twins were so confused.  
There was a huge storm coming and I wanted to get both our cars in the garage so I worked hard to clean out the garage.  That's Amy's car in my spot.  
Both cars are in!
Here comes the snow.  Just in time.  
Tight fit.  
We had to keep everyone busy during the storm.
The new Lego master.  

We opened some more presents.  This was the longest Hanukkah ever.  

We sent Ariel and Eli to get the mail.  

Eli loves his new punching bag.
It started to really come down late.  

Ariel tried on her new robe.  
More presents!

Before I went to bed it was over 7".  


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