Sunday, December 20, 2020

More Presents!

It's Sunday night.  We had a pretty quiet weekend.  We didn't get out of bed until after 10 today!  Here's a huge post from last Saturday.  

Last I left you, I had discovered Ariel's Hanukkah elf was sprinkled with the magic dust.  This is what we found in the morning!
She was riding a zip line!
Alex slept over.  
We made pancakes.  
Ariel liked what her elf did.  
Playing with some of their new toys.  
Rachel came over for cheer practice.  

It's hard to keep the boys away.  

So they get their turns.  
Eli is actually really good at getting up.
But Ariel is the star!
Alex gave it a try.  

Some stretches to finish.  
That night we went to Amy's parent's house for dinner.  That's a lot of presents.
Amy's mom made most of the yummy food.  
My contribution was smoked carrots, which came out awesome!  Sadly the smoker is packed away in the garage because of all the snow.  
After dinner, I brought out a treat I got delivered from Los Angeles.  They are cups made from cookies!  These came with extra chocolate and candies to decorate them for Hanukkah.  

We filled them with ice cream!
Gwen finished hers!
Candle time.  

Even more important, present time! 

So much fun!

Back at home, the kids played with the school house.  
Eli is infatuated with his shaving kit!  He keeps comparing his stuff to my stuff!
He took care of Noah's hair.  


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