Thursday, December 10, 2020

All the Balloons are on the Ceiling

It's Thursday night and the first night of Hanukkah!  The kids were so excited.  The twins had been counting down the days.  It was a pretty epic night.  Amy planned so much and my parents dropped off their gifts.  The family room was overtaken with wrapping paper and boxes.  So many fun toys.  The kids are finally asleep so we can regroup for night 2!  Back to last Wednesday.

The kids sure love their games.  
Cuddles with my honey.  
Who is there Eli?  The Doordash guy?  
Yup!  Hamburgers and milkshakes for everyone!
Home Alone 2.
More flips.  

Ariel's spelling list for the week . She has nice handwriting.  
Thursday, after school, it was art class time.  
Honey came for a visit.  
Eli was not happy.  

Fun with balloons.  

She's my buddy.  
Friday morning, I helped Eva got on the bus.  
Eli had all 4 food groups.  Water, Yogurt, Popsicle and Cookie.  Have a great weekend!


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