Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Decorating the Trees

Here's a quick post for Wednesday.  These are from last Monday and Tuesday.  Don't you hate it when you drive to work and totally forget the bridge is out?
I posted Ariel's birthday on Facebook.  That also got a lot of likes.  
That night, Ariel went to the neighbor's house to help with the Christmas tree.  
This is the smaller, upstairs tree.  

Great job Ariel!

We had a visit at work.  Thankfully, a scheduled visit.  
This is Ariel's pic of my mom.  Cute.  
The discovered Spirograph.  They love it!  Brings back memories.  
Don't let me near that bar!
More art going on.  
Ariel working on her thank yous.  The boys doing homework.  

Now this is a tree for 2020


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