Thursday, December 3, 2020

FInally, Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey

It's Thursday night.  The school board is meeting now.  It's not looking good for the 5 day in school.  The superintendent is pushing for Jan 19 for elementary and to set date for the upper schools.  They say there isn't staffing.  Too many teachers will quit.  That's crazy.  Back to Thanksgiving night.  Mark found the football.  

The turkey is done!
I can't wait to try it.  
Cutting up the first half.  
The kids got to eat their non-turkey dinner.  
Then it was time to cut up the second half.  
So juicy!
There's my plate.  All so good!  You could really taste the smoke.  I loved it.  Amy wasn't so thrilled.  I will have to warm her up to the whole smoke thing.  
It was a nice night.  

Friday morning, Noah was reading from the book that I learned to read from!  He can really read!  It's amazing!
No school today so we had to entertain the kids.  Hedbanz!
Are you playing with Aden's Legos?
Ariel's drawing.  
It was fairly warm.  Aden ran off with his biker gang wearing shorts and a t shirt.  
We met Melissa at a playground.  
Honey was there too.  

We picked up Nina's waffles and ice cream.  
Oh yeah.  That hits the spot.  
Great drawing guys!  What a Grinch!
Have a great weekend!


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