Monday, December 14, 2020

Ariel In Charge

It's Monday night and we possibly have a blizzard coming on Wednesday.  We have a lot to do before that.  We need to come up with some crock pot recipes.  Back to last Sunday.  

I really wanted to sleep in.  Oh well.  
Ariel had virtual Hebrew school.  
I started my next project.  Pulled chicken!
We had to keep the boys busy all day.  
I took out the 3d handheld printer.

Coming along.  It only had to smoke about 4 hours.  

Finished!  Time to pull!

It came out great!  Very yummy.  
Ariel got the boys to bed by herself!  She washed them and brushed their teeth.  Got them dressed.  Read to them.  
Then scratched their backs until they fell asleep.  Our job is done!


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