Sunday, December 13, 2020

Back in the Pool

It's Sunday night.  What a warm and nice weekend.  We probably should have done more outside as the week coming up looks awful.  Cold, rain, snow.  Well it is Winter I guess.  Last Saturday, we headed to the gym.  The kids have not been at the NAC since last Winter.  The twins were starting swim lessons.  They had done so well at camp, we wanted to keep them going so they didn't forget.  First time they saw the new steps.  
Noah jumped right in.  
It took a while to get Eli in.  
Go ahead Eli, the water is 93 degrees!
Ariel came to watch.  
Finally Eli went in and did well.  

Noah on his back.

Eli's turn.  
Time for jumping.  

Later we watched Aden play Fortnite.  
Everyone has a different dinner!
Ariel got the hat and scarf from our sitter Allison.

We got to see puppy Maggie that night at Felice's house.  


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