Monday, December 28, 2020

All Cheer All the Time

It's Monday night.  We just got back from the Shady Brook light show.  It was a nice night so we stayed and made s'mores and sat around a fire.  These are from last Sunday.

Rachel came over to work on cheer.  

The tumbling is getting there.  
Checking out the scene.  
Eli's turn!

Upstairs to do stunting.  

Working on a spin.  
Eli's turn again.  
Eli is our little boxer.  
Noah is more the intellectual.  
Baking muffins.  

Aden spent the night with Mark learning Texas Hold 'Em.  
We watched the Sound of Music.  Even though it's on Disney +, we were compelled to watch it on ABC with commercials.  
Eli loved the scene with the marionettes.  We showed him the one my parents got for Aden in Austria.  


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