Monday, December 21, 2020

My Poor Tire

It's Monday night.  These are from last Sunday and Monday.  The second night the elf and her friends wrapped up the cabinets.  That must have been a lot of work.  
Again the kids were mesmerized.  
The family room was still a mess from Hanukkah.  
We did some drawing on the driveway.  

Slenderman.  Don't ask.  
We have a new neighbor Ava and she's in Ariel's grade!
She came over to play.  

Then we met friends at Noah's playground.  

A tiny sense of normalcy.  
Then we stopped by Gwen's little birthday gathering.  
Then the party store.  
We watched the rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts beat the Saints!
Then Aden got to work on a new Lego.  A huge truck.  
Monday morning, we found the elf and her friends had a jam session going!

During Ariel's class, they showed the Nutcracker.  
I had a nail in my tire and it was flat.  Tesla came an attempted to patch the tire but it was too close to the edge so it was a loss.  They had to order me a new one.  
I ran at the gym later and had my best 1 mile time ever!  Under 12 minutes.  How do people do 4 minute miles?  I'm actually running the whole time.  Crazy.  
I run with the mask.  
Still very few people wear masks.  They keep telling us though there have been no cases there.  
We opened a few more presents.  

Later that night, they came to give me a loaner tire.  
Story time!  It's been nothing by Hanukkah books for weeks.  


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