Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year! Finally

It's Thursday night.  Happy New Year!  We just had an impromptu party on our driveway with a few neighbors.  One brought some serious fireworks.  It was cold but nice to see everyone.  These are from last Friday.  Christmas morning.  As Noah keeps telling Eli, we don't celebrate Christmas, but Santa wanted to the kids to know they weren't on the naughty list and brought a few small things.  
Then it was brunch time.  
I made belgian waffles with pearlized sugar.  Bananas foster and candied bacon.  That was one sweet breakfast!

Aden tried bacon for the first time and liked it.  What's not to like, sugar and bacon combined!
We played with Honey.  
Then we watched the new Disney movie Soul.  
It was very good.  
Right Honey?

Here's what Santa brought the boys.  
It was actually really hard to work with.  
So we played Bingo with the synagogue.  

Back to the marbles.  We got it going pretty well.  
Then we brought out Aden's BB-8 from Disneyland to play with.  Have a great weekend!


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