Sunday, January 17, 2016

11 Months

It's Sunday night and the kids went to bed way too late.  But they don't have school Monday so I guess it's ok.  We were pretty busy this weekend.  Ariel saw her first movie in a theater.  Amy had to travel far to find Good Dinosaur playing somewhere.  She took Aden and Ariel so it was just daddy and babies all afternoon.  We had a surprise snow shower today.  It's so cold out that there's still a coating of snow.  Yippie.  Now it can be Spring!  

Here are Noah and Eli's 11 month pictures. (a week late)

 Some outtakes.
 It's so hard to get them both to sit still and smile.
 These are from last week.  Amy wanted me to take pictures of them in their matching t-shirts.

 Both the boys went to the doctor.  They both had ear infections and pink eye!  That means we then had three kids on Amoxicilian.  
 I took Ariel to dance so I got to grab some shots.

 Then later I took Aden.
 Hey guys!
 Ariel wanted to show me the snowflakes they made at school.

 Party in the crib.

 Thankfully those doors are baby proofed.  
 Noah is almost standing up!
 Eli will get there.

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