Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hugs From Abby

Hello 2016!  It's Sunday night, January 3rd, and we are back in business!  The kids are all asleep.  Aden and Ariel seem a little nervous about going back to school but we are all so ready to return to a normal schedule.  We didn't do a whole lot over the break except look at all the pictures of people on Facebook either in Florida or Aruba.  Next year we are so going away!  These will finish off last weekend.  I really did not take many pictures the last week so I'm trying to stretch them out.  

When we left off, we had brunch at Caleb's then wandered around Peddler's Village.  Then Amy took the babies and Aden home and I went with Ariel to Sesame Place to meet Todd and Ali.  We have those passes so might as well use them.  
 It was so warm, Ariel did not need her jacket.
 There's Sammy.  They were in line to see the Elmo show so we jumped in.
The posters are hard to read but very funny.

 The kids were silly.

Finally, Ariel is not scared of Elmo.
Even Nate loved the show.
We did a few rides.  

 They left but Ariel wouldn't so we wandered around.

 We found Abby!
 Ariel was so excited!

It was pretty when we left and still warm!
My family brought Maggios over for dinner.  Gotta love those fries.
Bubbie was fascinated by Aden's scary creations.
Watching the babies play.  We should charge admission.

 She wanted to play with Ariel's hair.
 They sure love drumming.  

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