Friday, January 22, 2016

Dusting of Snow

It's Thursday night and the blizzard is almost upon us.  Since most of you will be running around preparing tomorrow, I will keep the post short.  Also the fact that I'm taking way less pictures these days and I need to conserve.  Eli is all the sudden signing "more"  That's pretty funny.  He was a little less enthused at swim tonight then he was two weeks ago.  On to the post...

I know you saw the 11 Month pictures but I thought I would share some of what was going on behind the scenes.
It was not easy to get both to look.

We were at Learning Express to do an activity.  Aden and Ariel joined a bunch of other kids to make plates.  
 You can try soon Eli.

 Noah took off.

 We had to chase him around everywhere.
 Did you have fun Eli?
 Aden and I did some science experiments.
 We had a freak, unannounced snow storm on Sunday.  Not quite what's coming but still a shock.
 We didn't get out much Sunday.
 Bath time!
 Ariel wanted to check out the snow.  Not quite enough for a snow angel.  Be safe this weekend!

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