Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cool Neighbors

Just a quick post, it's Wednesday night and I just got back from the shore with 4, count them 4 Manco & Monco pies and crab cakes from Steve & Cookies.  

These are from last Friday.  Next post will have the first of the blizzard pics.  Ariel always seems to have a lollipop in her mouth and we aren't sure where she is getting them!
 We finally got our bathroom finished.  It only took 6 months but it's done.  What a difference it makes to have a mirror on the first floor!
Friday night we went to dinner at our neighbor's house.  The snow hadn't started yet but we bundled up the babies just in case.  It was hard to find them outfits online that we could get by the storm.
 Ariel have fun in the basement.
 The boys sat for second then went crazy.
 Kid's table.
 The tv was on.  The storm was getting closer.  Little did Cecily know but it was going to be way more than that!
 Alex playing with Noah.
 More basement fun.
 Then they watched Minions.

 Jenn getting her baby fix.
 Time to go boys.  It was awesome Jenn and Jon had us over!

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