Monday, January 25, 2016

Ride the Train

I just paid someone $100 to shovel my sidewalk!  I know it's crazy but it's a lot of heavy snow and I wanted it clear by tomorrow so the kids can walk to the bus stop without walking in the street so it was also last minute.  The sun was out today and it was above freezing but the snow didn't seem to go anywhere.  Ok, it's late so let's get this done.  

These are just some random pictures from last week.   Morning time.  Let's fight over the binkie.

Silly at dinner.  Notice how Eli is saying "more."
 It's time to put more of the gates back up.
 We visited Aden's class for Education Week.

 They were taking a math test.  Look at these things they put up so the kids don't cheat!
A little fun after the test.
 They were leaving to go to the Library.  Why were the boys and girls in 2 separate lines?
My boy's like it old school.  Notice the Atari controller!
 Eli prefers the Wii U.

 The big boys could do this forever.
 This was Aden's train.  First Eli.
 Then Noah.
 Noah, with a little help, is starting to stand up!

 Ariel is getting too big.
 Speaking of Ariel.  I love watching her interact with her friends at school.

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