Sunday, January 31, 2016

Storm Jonas

It's Sunday night.  We had a really lazy weekend.  We did not do much.  In fact, I slept most of the day today.  I heard it was warm but I had no energy to get out.  Everyone seems to be getting better, which is great.  Aden has a camp friend that's going to join him in hip hop class tomorrow night.  He's excited about that.  It's the kid's first Monday in 3 weeks!  It's going to be hard for everyone to get going tomorrow.  Anyway, back to the blizzard.  I woke up Sunday morning to these headlines:
 I still find it funny the storm was named after my grandmother!
 #4 storm in history!
 I made waffles for everyone.

 Then it was time to suit up and get outside.  The twins had bad colds so they were stuck inside.  I would have loved to have gotten pics of them in the snow.  
 Making our way to the neighbor's house.
 It was not easy walking around.
 Snowball fight!

 That's a big one Ariel!
 That's not nice Aden!
 Someone got him.
 Aden with Benjy.
 Ariel with Winston.
 They boys tried to make it to our swingset.
 OK Ariel, time for us to go sledding!
 I got the cars out of the garage.  They look so clean!  My guy did a lousy job plowing.
 My new tires worked great.  
 We drove to Sammy's house.  Bev said I should save this picture for their wedding montage.

 I called someone to plow.  Todd tackled it himself.  
 The snow was a bit high!  Stay tuned for sledding...

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