Monday, January 25, 2016

Get Me Off the Boat!

That snow really isn't going anywhere. Neither are these colds. Noah started another antibiotic today.  

More from last week.  We have to do something about the papers we keep on those shelves.  The boys are obsessed.
 Eli was so proud of himself.
 Ariel practicing being a mommy.  Does she realize she has real babies?!?

 Eli's turn at swim.

 Still no smiles but no crying either.  At least not yet.  

 Christian, in his diaper, is the life of the party.  Just dives in.  Eli not so much.

 Christian turned 1 on New Year's Eve.

 OK, so much for the boat.
 Nice and dry.
Ran into an old friend after we got dressed.  She did not want to give Eli back!

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