Wednesday, January 20, 2016

First Pairs of Shoes!

So now they are saying 12-18 inches for Saturday.  Grease up those sleds!  It's also going to be super windy.  I hope no one loses power.  Aden stayed home from school today with his cold but he's much better tonight.  Ben next door brought home his homework.  

First pairs of shoes for both boys!  
What do you think Eli?
Noah is excited!
Now we just need them to walk!
My family came over for dinner.  Aden set up real Monopoly.  He wanted my dad to teach him how to play.
 Aden always liked the kid's version and picked this one up quickly.
 My grandmother helped feed the babies.
 Eli wanted none of that.  He used the spoon himself!

 Dr. Ariel.
 Bev is obsessed with doing nails.  
 So sweet!

Eli was so comfortable on her.  He didn't want her to let go.
 Ariel wrote out all our names.  In what language I'm not sure.
Back to soccer.
Notice how the girls are taller.
Some action shots.

At least someone on their team scored.

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