Monday, January 4, 2016

Almost a Sleepover

Does anyone remember how warm it was last week?  It's like 15 right now!  The heater is really struggling to keep up with the drafts we have.  Aden was not thrilled to be going back to school today.  Ariel couldn't wait!  Thankfully they both had good days.

These are from early last week.  Aden went into the City with our neighbors and had a great time at the Franklin Institute.

He was supposed to sleepover at their City apartment but ended up getting driven back.  Maybe we should try a local sleepover first!
When I dropped him off, I stopped at Honey's Sit n Eat for lunch.  Always wanted to try it.  Yummy.
 There are the houses that are going up in Northern Liberties.  Nice.

A quick playdate with Eva.
 Then dinner at La Stalla.

 Playing around.
 Clean baby!
 Old fridge headed out!  New one is working great!
 Still in their sleep sacks.

 I was at the Purple Pumpkin and noticed some gifts had been set aside for a new baby Jerry.  Jerry?!?!?!  I asked them if they ever had a Jerry before and it was their first!  I'm making a comeback!
 My silly boys.

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