Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ariel - Superstar

Howdy.  It's trash night.  It is pretty unbelievable the amount of trash we generate.  We used to have pickup twice a week but now it's only once.  This week is way worse because we have all the refrigerator stuff we had to throw out. (the new one is working great so far - you really take having a working fridge in the kitchen for granted)  Here are some random pics from last week.

Ariel is trying to be helpful.

 Haircut time.  They caught Curtis asleep.

 Their favorite part is the treats.
 Clap, clap Eli!
 Visiting Uncle Mark at work.

Good big brother.

 The twins love to be read to.
 Our superstar!
 She is finally letting us play with her hair.

 Aden trying a new toy.
 This was New Years Day.  We got bored watching the Mummers so we headed outside.
Our little daredevil.
 It was too cold.  We didn't stay out long.

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