Sunday, January 24, 2016

All the Boys

Did everyone survive Super Storm Jonas?  (should we discuss the irony of that being my grandmother's name?) The snow came down like crazy from Friday night to Saturday night.  It's hard to figure out much we got because the wind blew it around but I would say more than 20".  The twins have bad colds so Amy didn't get out at all but I took Ariel sledding today.  I saw on Facebook all the people who went out with their kids Saturday.  It was way better being curled up in bed.  There's no school tomorrow so poor Amy will have her hands full.

Some morning moments:

This was dinner at Melissa and Mark's last Sunday.  All the boys watching the Steeler's game.
Nice long island to eat on.
Back to the game.

 This might have been Mark's influence.  Poor baby only got an empty bottle.  
Sadly the Steelers lost.
 Hey gandpa!
 Ariel is great with Eva.
It's ok Uncle Mark, they will win next year!

 The babies really want a dog.

 Ok girls, time to leave.

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