Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lego Castle Adventure

Hope you all had a nice weekend.  It was pretty quiet around here. Ariel got an ear infection on Friday and the twins colds got worse so we couldn't do much.  It's so hard when the kids are sick and there is so little we can do for them.  When is Spring again?

These are the rest of the pictures from last weekend.  Good morning Eli!
We met Jackie, Lou, Nicky and Christian for an early lunch in Doylestown.  
We took over the whole restaurant.
Then we moved on to Starbucks.

Ariel and Nicky are cute together.
The Mercer Museum.  I haven't been there in ages.
 The kids were excited to get into the Lego exhibit.
 Even the babies.
A taste of what was to come inside the exhibit.

It wasn't just Legos, it was Medieval Legos.

 The kids on their throne.

Big dragon.

 The boys hung in their stroller for a while.
 They had Lego building stations.

This was cool.  You had to build the strongest wall you could then try and knock it down with the catapult.

 These huge soft Legos are really cool.  I wanted to get some till I saw that they are $500 for a set of 84.  

That's one way to stop a curious baby from escaping.
There were costumes for the kids to play in.

Aden wanted me to take a picture of his creation.  A throne room.
 Ariel turning the rolls to make new stories.

 Bye Nicky!

The kids getting into some trouble.

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