Sunday, January 1, 2017

I Just Want a Gun

It's Sunday night and still things aren't back to normal.  The kids are off school one more day.  Amy and I just got back from taking Aden to see Star Wars Rogue One.  Very good.  I have a feeling I will be explaining things to Amy all night but it's amazing how it leads right up into the original movie.  The best part of the whole night was the sitter putting the babies to bed!  

Here's a little treat from my car: (if you find this cool, it's worth sitting through the 2 minutes)

Back to last week.  Food shopping!
Ariel helping the electrician.
 Play date with Ariella across the street.
 The boys tried to keep up with the girls.

 Where did Eli learn to do that?
 Hands up girls!

 Aden and Ariel sprinkled the magic dust on their Hanukkah elves to wake them up.
 So what did they do?  They immediately went and had a snowball fight!
 I love seeing their reactions.  Aden is a bit skeptical but still believes for now.

 Time to open some presents!

 All Aden wanted was a gun of course.
 Art projects to keep the kids busy.

 Good drawing Noah!
 Baby in a bucket.

 I guess we can just pack them away for next year!

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