Monday, January 2, 2017

Ariel and the iPad

It's Monday night and somehow Penn State just lost the Rose Bowl. It was a pretty crazy game but PSU had a big lead with a just a few minutes left.  Oh well.  We cannot wait for school to start tomorrow!  It's been too long a break.  Back to last week.

Hello, is someone there?
 Noah helping with the laundry.
 It's awesome when all the kids play together.
 Hang on to those Cheerios.
 So sweet!  Eli gave some to Noah.
 Candle lighting time.  
 Do you think we will have 5 menorah's going at one point?
 Cuddles in bed.
 Again everyone playing together.
 Look what the elves did last night!  The kids had a good time knocking these down.
 Stanley Steamer cleaned the carpets.  Eli was fascinated.  
 The twin's day sitter came with her daughter so we could get out a little.
 Playing with the cups.
 As long as they clean up after themselves.
 Ariel got her first iPad for Hanukkah!
 The carpet cleaners needed to get to Aden's floor.
 Where is Aden?
 More candles.
 Uh oh, what happened to your crib Noah?
 Ariel got a bunk bed for her dolls.

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