Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Sugar Plum Fairy

Last week, we had a magical night in the city.  As you may know, my sister is a huge fan of all things ballet.  She has been wanting to share her world with Aden and Ariel for a long time.  We were finally able to join her at the Pennsylvania Ballet's The Nutcracker at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. Only the best seats for my kids!  
I have not been to The Nutcracker since I was very young.  I loved the first half, with the kids playing at the Christmas party.  Aden and Ariel were watching closely and had a lot of questions.  During the break, we got close, but not too close to the Mouse King! 

Back in the for the second half.
Ariel almost made it through.  She just needed a quick break and she recovered.  They did a beautiful job!

Bev's friend Sara the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Bev is friendly with the director of the ballet and several of the dancers so we waited about back to see if we could say Hi to them.
 The principal dancer Sara came with her dog to get us!
 We went backstage and ran into the director Angel.  He was a dancer in New York before coming to Philly recently to help run things.  
 We got to run around on the stage and play with the sets.  The kids and I were so excited!

 I love this pic.
 The backgrounds that drop from above.
 The dancers practice and warm up on those white things.

 I had a lot of questions myself.  There are dozens of dancers for each performance and they switch around jobs.  I asked if they tried out for specific roles but they are assigned by the director.  That's a lot of people to keep track of.

 We went back to Sara's dressing room.
The costumes were amazing.
 I showed videos of Ariel's ballet dancing.  She said she has great form!
Ariel got to hold the Sugar Plum Fairy wand!

 A few more pics before we headed out.

 We had a nice dinner with Sara and her mom and dog.  This is a week later and the kids are still talking about it so I guess it made a huge impression on them.  Bev knows how to throw a fun night!

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