Monday, January 23, 2017

It Wasn't Me!

What a wild and crazy weather day.  It was like a Winter hurricane, if there was such a thing.  I will take a picture tomorrow in the sunlight but our patio furniture is all over the yard.  Even the very large and very heavy barbecue blew away!  Just a short post today. 

Some psychedelic, trippy picture by Ariel.
 They could go up and down this roller coaster all day.

Both the boys weren't feeling good.

Nate tried to cheer them up!

Can't go wrong with cookie ice cream sandwiches!
 One last story with her class before we leave.
 She didn't feel like changing for gymnastics.

 It wasn't me!
 Bye bye!
 Everyone in the tent!
 Hope this wind goes away soon!

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