Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Slumber Party with the Elves

It's Tuesday night and it was much quieter tonight.  For the last week or so the twins have not been themselves.  It's been mostly Noah but sometimes Eli.  Night after night they cry and cry.  Very little sleeping or eating happening.  We aren't sure what's wrong.  Tonight was better so hopefully we turned a corner.  We just had two long days of rain.  I'm ready to see the sun tomorrow.  The darkness can really make you depressed.

Back to last week.  The elves were at it again.

 Out with the old, in with the new. (And I don't mean Ariel!)
 Uh, where did you get that step ladder Eli?

 They love facing forward now.
 The elves and their friends had a slumber party!  
 They ate tons of junk food and slept in Amy's socks!

 The kids came in and started eating all the food!
 Nothing like an early morning lollipop.

 I took Ariel to her friend Chloe's house to play and ended up staying with the twins.  Chloe's dad Noah did an awesome job entertaining and feeding us.  

 Chloe's sisters were a big help too.

 I think Noah might forget what it's like to have a one year old.  First he gave them puzzles to do, then he turned on the Xbox for them!

 Reading always works.

 The girls love each other.
 Play-Doh time.

 Thanks for having us!

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