Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy Noah

It's Sunday night.  Since we had almost no sleep last night, I'm fading fast so this will be a short post.  Both babies got up around 2 and didn't fall back asleep till after 4.  Aden also got up saying his foot hurt.  Sometimes I think I might be too old for all of this.  It was a pretty quiet weekend overall, which we all needed.  

Back to last Sunday.  It was Noah's turn for swim.  Ariel insisted on coming again.  It's good though, she's a big help.
 These pics are all kind of fuzzy but there are some good shots.
 Eli was a little hesitant the week before.  Noah jumped right in!
 Somebody else was having fun.

 All smiles.

 Run Noah!
It was a lazy Sunday.  We just played and watched football.
And ate lollipops.  
Someone is ready to eat.

Packing up...
for the Super Bowl!

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