Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy New Years 2017!

It's Sunday night.  We survived the first real snow of the season.  It was not supposed to snow at all but we got a bunch!  I bought an electric snow blower and cleaned up myself!  I have never done that before.  We had Eva's birthday party today.  All the kids had fun.  The babies did not want to leave!  Amy is bugging me to watch the Golden Globes so let's get through this.  This will catch us up through the end of 2016.

The elves went crazy their last night out for the year.  
 Ariel was excited as usual.
 You can see Aden's elf hanging in the middle.
 Some presents to open!
 Oh this looks like fun.
 We had a lazy day.  I did have to go food shopping to get stuff for our little New Years party but that was about it.
 The twins liked their new toys.
 Are you guys ready to party?
 Even baby Gwen was excited for the new year.
 Food from La Stalla.
 Happy well fed kids.

 The kids were busy all night.  The parents actually had a few moments to socialize.

 Sammy was really into the doll house.
 So was Ali!
 The last night of Hanukkah!

 The older kids stayed up with us to watch the ball drop.  

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