Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Furniture

It's a snowy Thursday night!  Aden went in this morning early for science club.  He seemed to enjoy it.  He's also liking piano and viola.  Who is this kid?  

More elve hijinks.  They had fun sliding all night.
 Look at that face.
 Help her go.

 Ariel had a fun day with grandmom and Aden spent the day with Ben.  Amy and I took the twins to the shore.
 Had to stop at a supercharger.  Wow that's fast.  218 miles per hour of charging.  
 The furniture has arrived!
Last time to see the place empty.
 Besides the bunk beds that have been here for months.
 Clean up Noah, they are coming in!

 We took Aden's jacket by accident for Eli.
 Judy was around and came by to help.

 Enjoying the new sofa.
 Eli went exploring.
 Then he helped put the table together.
 Almost livable.
 It was very hard getting that headboard upstairs.
 Last minute playing around.

 Have a great weekend!  Enjoy the snow!

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