Thursday, January 26, 2017

Big Winners!

Woo hoo.  It's Thursday night.  The babies are screaming in their cribs.  Not really sure why.  We just let them out and they ran into the other kid's rooms to wake them so they could play!  Craziness.  They were all just jumping on Ariel's bed.  It's quiet now.  Back to last Saturday.  Everyone's got their own screens.  
 When the twins get tired of those they get into everything else.

 Coach Jerry and his team.  We got crushed the first 2 games and the team was kind of down.
 With Aden in goal we dominated this time!

 We won 7-1!  The kids were so happy.
 A quick trip to visit Eva and Gwen.  Ariel had her second Happy Meal and said she was done with them.

Poor Aden was attacked by the car.

That night we went to the Willow Grove Mall to do a little shopping and to get dinner.  All the kids got shoes.

 Ariel even got Uggs!

 I want to get some bean bag chairs for the shore house.

 Coins in the fountain.

 Always cleaning.
 We didn't last long at dinner.  The babies started crying.  

 We had to leave and take our food home.  At least my family got to see the kids a little.  Have a great weekend!

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