Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Eva!

It's late Sunday night and we are watching football.  I think Aden is just here because he doesn't want to go to bed.  At least the babies are asleep.  It was a pretty quiet weekend.  We didn't get out much. And when we did get out, it was really hard.  Do you think we will remember these times when the kids are older?  Remember the effort it takes to do anything?  

Last Sunday was Eva's birthday party at Giggleberry Fair at Peddler's Village.  
We went right to the kiddie area.  Eli loved the water table.
It was a mix of friends and kids from Eva's class.
Noah checking things out.

Eli got soaked!
We will bring backup clothes next time.
Then it was time for pizza and cake.
Eli kept trying to escape.
Jackie and Sophia.
Ariel was so excited to help Eva blow out the candles.

Eli loves cake.  He calls all sweets "cookie" though.

Julie and TJ.
We went into the huge maze.  The boys were a bit overwhelmed.

This place is nuts.  Aden and Ariel got lost in it.

Video game time.
Grandpop was a big help.

They rode these horses for like an hour!
College friends!  Seems like yesterday Amy and I were visiting them at Penn State.  
Stef and Hailey.
Mel and I.

Noah was up and down this slide a bunch of times.

We need to get to the fire!
Great party Eva!

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