Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Flat Tire

It's Wednesday night.  Time to take out the trash.  I'm serious about this becoming Aden's job very quickly!  

Well this was kind of a bummer.  I have a really hard time judging the right side of the car when I turn and I have hit many curbs and scuffed up the wheels.  This time it was far worse.  I really hit a curb fast and hard.  I took a chunk out of the front tire and totally tore the back tire off the wheel.  
 There wasn't much of an option.  There was no spare and the no one stocks a tire like that besides the dealer so I had to have the car towed all the way out to Devon.  
 Thankfully there was no other damage and they replaced the tire quickly.  

 I don't know if I mentioned it but we have been doing Hello Fresh for a few weeks.  We get a box on Monday full of the groceries and recipes to make 3 dinners.  So far, it's worked out pretty well.  Here is one of the dinners.

Cookies!  Yes, he dropped the cookie at the end of the video.

More cookie ice cream sandwiches.
 It's nice that Ariel takes such good care of her babies.
 Hello Noah.  This was another late night visit.  It's time to start sleeping through the night again buddy!
 Cuddles in bed in the morning.

 Aden and Ben walking to school carrying their Violas.  Never thought I would be saying that sentence.
 I've been getting Ariel to school during circle time.  I like getting a snippet of their day.
 Uh oh, another trip to the doctor.  This time it's Eli with the ear infection.
 Is the Winter over yet?

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