Monday, January 23, 2017

Phases of the Moon

It's really late Tuesday night. It was cold wet and damp again. I wonder if I will get a chance to ski this year. It's been a while. I think Aden might be ready to try it. 

Thanks for the pajamas!

This was about 3am.  Noah was freaking out.  We wanted Eli to be able to sleep so I took him downstairs to play.
 He played really nicely for 3am.  It was almost 45 minutes before I could get him back to bed.
 I stopped by the twin's mommy and me class.  They love those markers.  They say dot, dot dot and slam them on the paper.
 Lots to play with.

 Snack time.
 Story time.

 It was education week so parents were invited to the classroom.  Amy and I were excited to go.  Amy helped Aden with his math.

 His teacher is so young.  Just a few years out of college.  

 Learning the phases of the moon.
 The opened up Oreos, then scraped out the filling to match the phases of the moon.  They also got to eat one cookie each!

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