Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Stylin' Earmuffs

Here's a pretty big random post.  

Aden is playing the piano with 2 hands at the same time!  He's really picking it up!
 Hanging out at the island.


 All aboard!
 Ariel finally got her American Girl doll house.
 Always on the wrong side of the gate.
 Aden started his early morning STEM club.

 Stylin' earmuffs.

 I think he's all me!
 They figured out how to reach the higher shelves.
 They also found Aden's Legos.
 Watching videos together.
 Late night Uno match.  Daddy won!
 It started snowing!
 The morning.

 Everyone wanted to help the cleaning lady.
 Ariel helped get the mommy's car clean.

 Great minds think alike.  Look at the pants!
 Plugging in Eli.
 Silly babies.

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