Thursday, September 24, 2015

Can We Slide Down the Pole?

It's Thursday night.  It took us until almost 10 to get all 4 kids asleep.  We aren't sure why.  Usually it's by 9 at the latest.  I just put up a funny picture of all the kids hanging on Aden's bed at 9:30 on Facebook.  I will post it here in a few days when I catch up.  Eli has an ear infection.  A first for the twins but he seems to feel better.  We have a quiet weekend coming up so I might be reaching for pictures next week!

Lets finish up last weekend.  Sunday morning Aden started Sunday School at Shir Ami.  The parents were invited to attend.  On the way in we saw them setting up the Sukkah outside.
We were there all morning schmoozing while the kids had school.
Then we ran right to Sammy's 4th birthday party at the Horsham Fire House.  The Three Muskateers.  
 Aden was a little shy at first.
 We got a your of the place.  And a lesson!

 Jaxson had a lot of questions.  
 The lounge.
 There was no pole!
 Then the best part.  They got to climb all over the trucks.

 Sammy kept finding alarms to set off.

 Aden finally woke up!

 The boys wanted to have fun too.
 There they are!  In their fireman outfits.
 Cake time!

 The three beauties!  

 We found Aden on top of a fire truck.
 The fireman put on all his gear.

 We had a fun time but I needed to get going to the Eagles game...
 Yes, in hindsight, I should have just stayed home.
 It was a beautiful day though.
 I was very optimistic about the day.
 Even the Pope was rooting for the Eagles.  How could it go wrong?  
 New this year, they didn't announce the players, the just team as a whole.
 Cool panorama.
 My dad and I have been going for years. 

 Sadly, in order to save our souls, we left at the end of the third.  

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