Thursday, September 10, 2015

Great Day With Great Friends

It's Thursday night and we are not packing for the shore.  Sigh. Anyone want to play this weekend?  We don't have any plans. Both kids are having great weeks at school, thankfully.  

These are from last Saturday.  Good morning boys!
Jason, Lisa, Carter and Sloane spent the week in Cape May and came to hang with us on their way back to NY.  They ended up staying pretty late and we had so much fun.  Carter couldn't wait to show Aden the hermit crabs he got.

Lisa was amazing with the twins.  Very helpful.
The kids all played really nicely.  
We had Manco and Manco's delivered.  Yummy.
The boys wanted to play with the toys inside but we told them to head out.
My dad with Noah. Cute.
 The kids swam.

 Then snacked.

 They are all getting so big! (Jacob joined us)
 The necklace Amy is wearing is for the babies to chew on.  Which they are!

 Snack time for the babies.

 The kids went back inside and were crazy again.  The boys set up elaborate scenarios for the girls.

 These things really came in handy this summer.

 We picked up dinner from Sack o Subs.
 More yummy.  Thankfully we don't eat like this at home.

 Some last minute play.
Greg, Jason and I.  They left after 8 for the long drive back.  We were glad we got so much of their time!
That night there were amazing fireworks in Longport.
We watched from the street.  They were so loud!  Have a great weekend!

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