Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What's the Score?

The twins are starting to play on their own.  Makes for some quiet moments for mommy and daddy.
Where are you going Eli?
They roll everywhere.
Best buds.
What do you need Eli?
A book, of course.
Not laughing anymore.

It's going to be a long Winter.  Going to miss these early evening outdoor moments.
Dinner at Ben & Irvs.
It was packed but we called ahead and they let us sit quickly.  
Time for Aden's first soccer game.  Practice was at 8:30 am on Saturday.  Whose idea was that?  
 The boys messed around, so I guess they were ok with it.
 They all walked up to the coach's car to get their uniforms.
 My handsome soccer star.
Coach is pretty intense.
Getting so big.
Some action shots.

 Lots of familiar faces on the sidelines.

 The boys did really well.
 There's big boy Anthony.
This was pretty ridiculous.  I was getting live scoring updates on Aden's game on my Apple Watch.  I have no idea how it was happening but it was really cool.  So Aden's game started at 9:30. Ariel's game was at 10:15.  Amy came with Ariel and the twins around 10.  I ran with Ariel to her field across the street and Amy stayed with Aden. (I don't know how we are going to do this every week) Stay tuned for Ariel's game...

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