Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ride the Wagon

It's the Thursday before Labor Day Weekend.  How did that happen?  Tonight soccer started for Aden and Ariel.  Another sign that Summer is ending.  Aden is thankfully having a great first week of school although he did get a yellow card today.  If it gets to red you have to write about what you did wrong.  The girl he was talking to got the red because she already had a yellow!  I told him next time to take the fall for the girl!  Ariel starts school Tuesday.  I'm sure Amy can't wait.  It's been hard having her home.  The twins had their 6 month checkup today.  Eli was 16 lbs and Noah was about 15.  They are both healthy but a bit small.  Eli is 13% for height and 3% for weight.  Noah is 0 for height and 3% for weight.  But that is on the regular scale as they are no longer considering them to be preemies!  We just have to work on fattening them up!

Back to Saturday.  We actually went home Sunday morning, so this was our last day of the long stretch at the shore.  I think Eva was saying "Hey, I found something on the floor."

Oh, it's just you guys.

They love to hold onto each other, and my glasses.
Let's go to the beach!

 We had lots of friends visiting.  Nomi and Greg with Maya and Lou and Jackie with Nicky and baby Christian.  Nomi and Greg have come the last few years to hang.
 It's crabbing time!  There were a lot this time.

 Aden and Jacob.
 The kids are so fascinated by this.
 Our friends from South Philly.

 Some shots of Ariel with Lucy the Elephant.

 Lou and Christian.
 Nicky looking cool.
 Some of these are my shots and some are Bev's.

 Lou pulled them all over.  They loved it.

Eva patiently waited for her ride.
Nomi and Maya, who is like 2 months younger than Eva.

 A romantic date in the tent.
  It was nice to see Nomi and Greg.
 Bev making a rare beach appearance.
 Some of Bev's shots.

Everyone have a great holiday weekend.  I might take Monday off on the blog so see you Tuesday!

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