Monday, September 21, 2015

Anyone Have Glow in the Dark Soccer Balls?

Hey there.  We all slept a little better last night.  Hopefully that continues tonight.  The big kids started dance classes today.  So far so good.  Ariel loved ballet and Aden didn't hate hip hop.  It felt so cool today.  Hard to believe Fall starts on Wednesday.  So who has their Pope tickets?  We are staying as far away from the city as possible this weekend.  Back to last Tuesday.

The second day of Rosh Hashana services were at a park in Newtown.  Ali, Todd, Sammy and Nate joined us.
 Where are we going?
 Here we go.  We finally got to meet the new rabbi, who had his first baby the day before on Rosh Hashana!
 We knew some of the people there.
 Afterwards, we helped clean up the park a little.
 This was a really nice herb garden.

 Big important meeting under the oak tree.
 Someone is enjoying good shopping.
 Aden reads to the babies.
 Good morning!
 Hey Noah!
 What are you doing to me mommy?
Ariel's soccer practice Wednesday night.
Yes, Amy put her in a skirt.

Love these moments.

Someone is starting to play with their food.
It goes in the mouth Eli!
Aden's practice Thursday night.  This new coach is a bit intense.

Ariel made friends.
They played well into the dark.
 Really dark!

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