Monday, September 14, 2015

Good Bye Juniors

It's Monday night and sadly the Eagles just barely lost.  Oh well. We just got back from a nice Rosh Hashana dinner at my parent's house.  The babies kept everyone entertained so I could east and rest.  We went to services at 8:30 this morning for a blessing of the new babies.  We actually made it.  After the service, the kids all played in the playground.  We didn't stay for the adult services.  

This will finish off the Shore for 2015.  Labor Day morning we knew we were going to take it easy.  Just do a few fun things then pack.  Eli was up first.
Then Noah.
Eva made sure we got up.
We went to breakfast at Arlene's in Ocean City.
The food was actually really good.  We left the babies with my parents so we decided to hit the boardwalk for a bit.
It was quiet.  

 We played a mini golf we hadn't played before.

 There were caves.

And running water.
 Nice view.

We have to try these water slides one day.
 The kids took it really seriously.
 Nice shot!

 We had to stop for some fudge and salt water taffy.
 Never saw it so empty.  We should have waited till it was open.
 A few last games.

 Then back to say goodbye to my parents and their house.
 The babies rested while we packed.
 Sweet baby Eli.
 Noah got to have some chocolate ice cream and really liked it.

 Saying goodbye to the neighbors.
 I had to stop by Juniors one last time.  It's closing this month.  I made a half hearted effort to buy the place but that didn't get far.  I bought a bunch of doughnuts and vacuum sealed them at home.  I will have one every 6 months or so for old times sake.
 Someone is happy to be home.
 It's over a week later now and we are still unpacking!  It's amazing what you can accumulate over three months.

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