Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ice Cream Social

It's Tuesday night.  What a beautiful day it was.  We went to an outdoor second day of Rosh Hashana service at a park in Newtown. We finally got to meet the new rabbi.  He seemed pretty cool.  

So, I'm finally done talking about the Shore for a while.  Last Tuesday was Ariel's first day of school at Breezy Point.  She was very excited to go.
She's smaller than her backpack!
Bringing back memories.  This was Aden's class 3 years ago.  
It is a big spread of ages in the class.  Some of the kids are almost a year older than Ariel.  She is the youngest.  
Mrs. Meryl and Mrs. Pearl were excited to see us and the babies.
Can we just leave them here?

Passed by a flock of turkeys.  It's almost November.  Run!
Ariel's soccer practice.

 Pep talk.

 I like this shot.
 Of course it was hard to get Ariel and Sammy off the playground.

 Eli is such a big boy!
 Noah is almost as big as Ariel!
 I had a couple of doughnuts while they were still fresh.
 The rest are vacuum sealed.

 Walking over to the ice cream social at Holland Elementary.
 Nice turnout.
 Ariel found Aden's teacher and Mrs. Tara.
 Both the kids and daddy had lots of ice cream.

 We passed the twins around so we could enjoy ourselves.
 The kids went crazy in the gym.
 Ariel was right in the middle of it.

 Mrs. Gainsley and her mini me.  We really miss her.  We were spoiled by having her in first grade.  It will be hard for any teacher to beat her.

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