Sunday, September 27, 2015

Get Those Things Out Of Your Mouth!

It's Sunday night.  We had a fairly quiet weekend, although it might not seem like it to many out there, but still way less than a shore weekend.  Speaking of the shore, we missed the Margate Fall Festival but with soccer and Hebrew School, there was no way.  Plus I don't think I could have gotten Amy to pack.  We saw lots of pictures on Facebook of people there.  I guess we were ok staying home and watching the Pope on tv.  It seems that Philly actually pulled it off.  He is safely on his way back to Italy and we haven't heard of any major issues.  Let's get through last week.

Back to music!  It's a whole different world now that the babies can sit.
 Right Eli?

 This is also new.  We have to keep on top of them putting things in their mouth.  They can get sick so easy that way.  Speaking of which, Eli had an ear infection by the next day!
 Gina and Anthony joined the class.
 Future buddies.
 What else do you want to out in your mouth?

 Another new friend, Paulie.
 What did you say mom?
 Mesmerized by Ms. Marilyn.
 Me and my big man.
 First night of real dance classes for the kids!  Ariel was excited, Aden not so much.  Amy took Ariel right after school so I don't have any pictures to share but Ariel loved it!
We went back later for Aden's hip hop class.
 That's his buddy Maya in the black.
 The parents watched on tvs.
 Ariel made friends with some big boys.
 I snuck some pics and vids of the class.  It was pretty intense.  Aden tried to keep up but got frustrated.  Most of the kids have been dancing a long time.  They said the following classes would be better separated so Aden will be with beginners.
 Maya was excited to welcome us to her world.

 Hey guys!
 A typical early morning scene in our bed.
 Doing some swinging.

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