Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Day Second Grade

Ariel had a successful first day today.  It was a little rough at first but she's happy now.  More on that later.  Let's go back to Aden's first day last week.  All ready to go!
Parents were invited the first day so off we went.  Down the path from our house to the school.

 We were soon joined by neighbors.....................
 The first person we see is Mrs. Gainsley from last year!  She was excited to see the twins and Aden.

Aden isn't with Ben this year even though he could have been.  He bravely chose to be in the other class and try something new.
There's baby Anthony who at 4 months is way bigger than my almost 7 month olds.
 Aden isn't with Jason or Joseph either.  
 It was nice to see the parents.

We found Aden on the swing.  The kids were not in the school frame of mind yet.

It was a crazy scene.
Time to line up.  Mrs. Caraccio means business!
That's the principal in the blue shirt.
Poor Maya broke her arm on a skim board.
They took a serious shot and a silly one.  I was only able to catch the silly one.  Looks like a fun class!
 When we got back, guys were working on our house.  The wood trim around doors and windows is all rotting.
Lunch with my cousin Carol from Florida and my grandmother and her sister.
 My grandmother was thrilled to see the twins.  I really need to get them over there more often.

I wish we could see Carol and John more.

 John couldn't wait to hold the babies too!
 This was walking home from school the first day.
We are training the kids well.
 Hey boys!

 I have way too many pictures to share.  Tomorrow's post might be huge.  I still have the first soccer practice and a three day weekend at the Shore.

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